What is Quality Healthcare for Seniors

What is Quality Health Care for Seniors?

Quality means different things to different people. Some think that getting quality health care means seeing the doctor right away, being treated courteously by the doctor, or having the doctor spend a lot of time with the patient and the family. Others believe being able to stay home and have the doctor come to the patient’s home for a personal house call or video conferencing on the computer is receiving quality health care. No matter the style of care, it’s important that all seniors have the opportunity to find quality health care that best fits them and their circumstances.

The Institute of Medicine defines health care quality by six attributes:

  • Safety – patients should not be harmed by the care that is intended to help them

  • Patient-Centered – care should be based on individual needs

  • Timely – waits and delays in care should be reduced

  • Effective – care should be evidence-based

  • Efficient – reduce waste

  • Equitable – care should be equal for all people

Quality health care for seniors should have even higher standards because a senior with multiple conditions is more vulnerable to seemingly minor changes in medications or a treatment plan. There should be a focus on preventive care and attention to the unique health issues of older adults. A senior patient should have every opportunity to participate in decisions about his or her care because respecting an individual’s health beliefs and goals must always be considered.

Dr. Caron Houston, a compassionate physician serving in the Carmichael and Sacramento Arden-Arcade communities, understands and believes in the significance of providing quality care for geriatric patients. If you are one that is having difficulty traveling to a doctor’s office or needing more personalized care, Dr. Houston can deliver affordable, convenient, quality care in the comfort of your own home.

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